Committed to Nutrition Innovation

We are committed to bringing to life nutrition products that enhance the health of those who use them. To us, that means innovation. Research in the field of nutrition is exploding as we learn more about the interaction between nutrition and health. Our Ph.D.-lead research and development team and “Formulate for Success®” program give you access to the best product development and innovation in the industry, with attention to detail every step of the way.

By choosing Capstone, you will be working personally with our team of leading innovators including the renowned Dr. Mark Pedersen and our staff of R&D professionals. Our deep ingredient, sourcing and formulation expertise will become your asset as we assist you with product formulation and enhancement, initial product development and introduce concepts and enhancements to your product concept that you may have never considered.

Successful product design takes into account many factors, including active ingredients, dosage form, regulatory requirements, as well as other excipient, shelf life and packing requirements. Our team evaluates each project for these and other considerations, possible solutions, and risks.

Years of experience means you can have confidence in the development, bench testing, pilot work, and scaling process. Successful scaling of any project takes methodical care and instruction, including blending times, equipment calibration, product testing and monitoring. Capstone’s passionate team of development specialists approach this process with serious commitment. A commitment to scientific approaches and doing things right the first time, ensure project success and outcomes that delight our customers.

Innovation is at the heart of Capstone’s scientific operation. Partnering with us gives you the formula for success, and helps your brand lead the way to more effective product launches and sustained market success.