It all starts with Trust. Capstone Nutrition is trusted by our loyal partners and by millions of customers worldwide. We have invested in the right people, the right processes, and a brilliant state-of-the-art facility– all so we can bring you the very best in innovation and superior quality nutrition.

Experience make us who we are. And our experienced team consists of some of the brightest scientists, engineers and nutrition professionals in the industry. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows. We are innovators in the systems we use, the process we follow and the products we use and make– from the best raw ingredient sources we use, to the sampling and testing protocol we follow. The services Capstone offers are extensive.

Customer Service is the hallmark of our business, just ask our customers who know! The sales and customer service team (which includes everyone in the organization!) strive to deliver the very best results for our customers. We’ve got great stories to tell about individuals and teams who regularly go above and beyond to deliver for our customers. Most of all, we care about what we do, and communicate good expectations with our industry partners.

We know you put your trust in Capstone when you allow us to be your product development and manufacturing partner. That is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our team of in-house quality experts, laboratory technicians and compliance auditors work diligently to ensure your brand and products are safe with us. We have developed collaborative partnerships with our top customers that average over a decade, driven by the breadth of our services and leadership in product quality.

Capstone is well known for its exceptional quality, and maintains several industry certifications recognizing its high manufacturing standards, including: NSF GMP, NSF for Sport, cGMP, and Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification. Capstone is qualified to produce certified organic products, non-GMO Project certified products, and Halal and Kosher certified products. We are registered with the FDA and Health Canada.

We invite you to come and see what makes Capstone Nutrition stand out in the growing field of nutrition science and contract manufacturing.